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Hair Loss – All You Should Know About

Millions of people around the world have the problem of hair loss. There are many causes of hair loss, as well as treatments for this condition. The most important actions are the correct diagnosis of the cause of the problem and the quick start of personalized treatment. To make a diagnosis, it is necessary to conduct a detailed medical interview, trichoscopy, and analysis of current morphological tests.

Excessive hair loss is very often the result of serious intra-body disorders or deficiencies, so this problem should not be underestimated.

Problems with hair growth for men lead to its gradual thinning and, in many cases, complete baldness.

Hair loss symptoms

The main sign is a lot of hair in the tub after showering or bathing and more hair on the brush after brushing out. It’s thinning and spots on the head in some places or all over the head.

They are an indicator of the quality of nutrition, certain diseases, food poisoning, medications, hormonal disorders, and factors that may affect their growth. The existence of pathology in the body, apart from excessive hair loss, is also evidenced by a change in the thickness, structure, and color of the hair shaft. The thinning hair is one one the main signs of a problem.

What is hair? Why does my hair fall out excessively? It is worth taking a look at what hair is, which will allow for a better understanding of the problem of excessive hair loss and the legitimacy of implementing appropriate technological treatments.

There is an unsynchronized hair growth cycle on the scalp, which means that at the same time, a human hair is in 3 stages of hair growth: in the active growth phase – anagen, the transitional phase – catagen, and dead hair in telogen. The process of replacing dead hair with live hair is therefore hidden, as long as it happens naturally, without the presence of pathological factors (certain medications, high temperature, hormonal disorders, diseases) that “artificially” increase the amount of dead hair. Hair vitamins are one of the first things you should use.

The hair is placed in the hair follicle. It is a living thing connected to the bloodstream. Therefore everything that is or is not in the blood goes to the living hair cells that form the hair. Moreover, the hair follicle is the most sensitive organ of our organism. That is why the quality and quantity of hair depend on what is happening in our body. The importance of conducting a detailed medical interview during this disease to diagnose and eliminate the cause is emphasized.

Premature alopecia

This subtype of the disease can be called androgynous or genetic. Most often, men suffer from the manifestation of premature alopecia. The problem can be found at absolutely any age: the primary symptoms begin to appear even during puberty. Finally, the formation of the disease is completed by the age of twenty-five. If nothing caused anxiety before that time and there were no reasons to worry about hair, then it is at this age that the first bald patches appear and problems with the quality, quantity, and natural process of hair change. It’s one of the thinning hair men aspects.


Quite often, the occurrence of androgenic alopecia is associated with hormonal disruptions, and the reasons lie at the gene level: the male hormone dihydrotestosterone destroys the follicle. Therefore, in such cases, hair restoration is possible only with the help of hair transplantation; other methods can only slow down hair loss. Experts note that premature alopecia is “getting younger.” If earlier men after 30 years dealt with similar problems, now in medical practice, there are a lot of cases when therapy is powerless, and even seventeen-year-old young people need transplantation. This “rejuvenation” of the disease is associated with excessive passion for sports and taking drugs that stimulate adrenaline release and, accordingly, testosterone.

Seborrheic alopecia

Seborrheic alopecia is invariably the result and external manifestation of seborrheic dermatitis. As dermatitis develops, the sebaceous glands become inflamed due to which the process of regulation of their secretion is disrupted, and a lot of incorrect sebum composition is released. The sebaceous gland increases in size and presses on the hair follicle. The result of this pressure is hair loss and the death of its root.

The danger of seborrheic alopecia lies in the fact that the problem does not have an active or acute form. Most often, it occurs in the background, inactive mode of a chronic problem. Such hair loss only accompanies the underlying disease and can be corrected only after the root cause is resolved.

Symptomatic alopecia

Symptomatic baldness is also called stressful. In this case, under the word “stress,” experts mean not only psychological shocks but also any stressful effect on the body: diseases of internal organs, a strict diet, or hormonal disruption. As a rule, this type of alopecia can be effectively corrected only after the root cause of stress is found and eliminated. Hair loss in women may be caused by pregnancy.

Cicatricial alopecia

This type of alopecia is characterized by the absence of hair at the scarring of the connective tissue. Typically, cicatricial baldness is caused by physical injury such as burns or deep ulcers, fungal infections, or several autoimmune diseases. A common symptom typical for this baldness is the death of the hair follicle at the scar’s site. If you see a doctor in the early stages of the problem, there is a chance that the cause will be cured, and natural hair growth will resume. Why does hair fall out?

Hair loss prevention

So what is hair loss cure? Many people are surprised that the hairstyle and even the method of washing and drying had an impact on hair loss. Thanks to the tips trichologists give to their patients. You can learn how to stop damage to the fibers and scalp.

Some vital factors can also trigger problems with baldness. These include illness, childbirth, and stress. At a very stressful time, the body can react by losing too much – too much hair goes into a telogen resting phase. During telogen effluvium, the body sheds huge amounts of hair.

The problem may arise with the use of certain medications. Doctors warn that you should not stop taking the prescribed medication if you have noticed excessive hair loss. Sudden discontinuation of certain medications can cause serious side effects. Hair growth vitamins can help to stop the problem.

It is worth consulting with a trichologist. Many factors influence the problem of baldness. If it concerns you, testing and consultation are very important. A trichologist can find the cause and let you know what to expect. So people need a hair regrowth.


Hair loss is a very common phenomenon in both men and women. The causes, as well as the course, vary depending on many factors. Fast hair loss treatment is a crutial aspect.

There is only one answer to this question. You should go to a hair specialist such as a trichologist. Following the trichological examination and an interview conducted by a trichologist, follow the recommendations. You should also ask your doctor about biotin benefits.

Using preparations from a pharmacy without a proper trichological diagnosis can often cause a bigger problem! There can be many reasons. In case of hair loss caused by obstruction of the follicles, strong rubbing of anti-hair loss preparations will cause even more hair loss.

In many other cases, the enzymes that drive the follicle miniaturization reaction need to be regulated. Then shock therapy regulating enzyme production is enough. People also need hair growth products to deal with it.

Hair loss treatment methods

Just as there are many causes, many treatments for baldness have also been invented. The basic rule is: “The faster you react, the greater the chance of effective treatment.” You should also properly diagnose the problem of prolapse and the cause of the problem by going to a trichologist. A doctor can show you the best vitamins for hair growth.

The basic and most effective methods are treatments, rubbing products, methods of more effective rubbing to reach the hair growth sites, vitamins orally, to pharmaceuticals such as hormones or steroids depending on the diagnosis made by the trichologist.

  • Vitamin or peptide needle mesotherapy treatments to deliver the appropriate concentrated nutrients directly to the hair cells. It’s good for thinning hair women. Vitamin or peptide ampoules are used.
  • Needle-free mesotherapy treatments, thanks to which radio waves expand the pores of the scalp and stimulate microcirculation of the scalp.
  • Oxygen mesotherapy (oxygen infusion) treatments are resulting in better circulation.
  • Laser devices – brushes and combs that emit laser light can stimulate fiber growth.

Sometimes it’s enough to buy a hair loss shampoo to start hair restoration.

Trichological preparations for rubbing into the scalp

With the stabilized condition of the baldness cure, we can quickly take care of the hairstyle and stop the negative process. You should stimulate the growth of new fibers, the so-called subsequent ones, and inhibit the process of hair loss that has been weakened. Hair la vie is also a good option.

For these ingredients to absorb and reach the nipple of the hair, we need to properly prepare the skin for it, systematically cleansing it with peeling and appropriately selected shampoo. Check the best hair growth products to pick something useful. Skin massage and microneedle mesotherapy, which patients perform independently at home, are also recommended.  

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